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“Pip is a brilliant way of encouraging relaxation and reducing anxiety for those who have a Autism Spectrum Disorder.”

 Dr. Tony Attwood, Clinical Psychologist, World Leading Expert on Aspergers Syndrome

“Pip allows you to become aware of your stress and then work in an active and joyful way to manage it.”

 Dr. Barbara Burns, Professor and Director of Liberal Studies, Santa Clara University

“The Pip has assisted patients as an addendum to cognitive behavioral and solution focused therapies. It provides an external focus of control which improves self-direct attention, relaxation and goal setting.”

 Dr. Ian Gargan, Consultant and Forensic Psychologist

“A subtly designed product like the Pip has real potential to help people become aware of their stress levels, as well as learning to alter them and relax in a fun and interesting way.”

Dr. John Sharry, Psychotherapist, Director, Solution Talk

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“Pip helps students be more self-aware of their emotional state and apply what they learn from their Pip data.”


“I love mine. After just one use I slept through the night, which I haven’t done in years. This is a godsend”

“Pip allows students to develop a stress management strategy that works for them.”


“I received the Pip. What to say? Exceptional. I don’t think I can do without it.”

“The Pip is particularly useful in helping students understand what helps them calm down.”


“I had been struggling to get into something to help relax or be more mindful,until I found the Pip!”

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